Winlink on FT710

Wonder if someone would mind taking the time to walk me through setting my new FT710 up for Winlink Vara HF. I just cannot get it to transmit no matter what I try. (I did get it working on FT8 a couple weeks back.)
USB cable from computer to rear of the Rig.
I have the current Winlink and Vara HF installed on my computer (Windows 11 64 bit). I have downloaded and installed (and can see) the virtual Comm Ports (5 Enhanced, 6 Standard).
Vara Setup: Allow check for updates, Accept 500 Hz, CW ID, Kiss Interface

Yaesu Bluetooth/USB implementations

 Yaesu Bluetooth/USB implementations

It is frustrating that the Yaesu implementations for USB and Bluetooth are so finicky. I have two headsets that are recognized by my FTM-300 but won't connect. My mobiles can't connect to the bluetooth in my vehicles. The USB on my FTdx101mp works with very few keyboards and mice. 

I am a die hard Yaesu fan and own 10 radios and various accessories. Yaesu is one of the most active equipmpent manufacturers. You would think they could make the USB and bluetooth accessories more robust and thereby, more useful. I have purchased and installed the optional bluetooth boards for my mobiles that did not have the feature. So far, I just don't think that the functionality warrants spending any additional money on it or the USB since it so limited. 

I know the FTM-500 is on the way. I wish instead of a couple of new radios per year, they would take some time out and fix the implementation issues in the USB and bluetooth functionality in the current products. I would really appreciate that over another radio with a user interface that is not consistent with previous models.

Fan Response from Yaesu FT710

Fan Response from Yaesu FT710

emailed tech support about the constant annoying fan noise. I timed it, fan starts 8 to 10 minutes after power on with NO transmit. Never turns off. It is really loud and annoying.

The answers received were frankly, BS. They don't want to admit the issue. Asked me about "ambient temp" and what modes I was using. Explained AGAIN it is receive only and no transmitting was done. In an air conditioned shack. I think we are stuck with it for now.

Amateur Radio ground your station to the main house ground outside your house

Amateur Radio ground your station to the main house ground outside your house.

I have always been told NOT to ground your
station to the main house ground outside
your house below you outdoor breaker box.
It could be dangerous.

PS. I am currently grounding my ground bar
in the shack to 4 ground rods tied together
outside my shack window, using #6 solid bare copper.

FT8 on WSJT-X Yaesu FT-710

Yaesu FT-710 FT8 on WSJT-X

Have a problem (of all things).

Got my new 710 set up on FT8 this morning, made some 40 m contacts. Got a message on Windows 11 Pro to update microphone. Did that, shut down the computer. Came back down a little later and fired everything back up. All worked correctly, I chose the band and frequency in WSJT (10 m, 28.074) and it immediately put my rig on that frequency. Made a couple calls and then I started getting a Rig Control Error "do you want to reconfigure the radio interface"? I've checked and rechecked, went to WalMart and bought a new USB A-B cable, all to no avail. I am copying signals just great. The freq. window shows 10m, circle is red, and where the actual frequency should be is 0.000 000 in red. 

FT8 settings at the YAESU FT-710 FT710

 FT8 settings at the YAESU FT-710  FT710

 I've experienced no issues whatever with FT8. I do not use the "PRESET", but allow WSJT-X to configure the radio. It works just fine.

I'll try to detail the WSJT-X settings in another post.

Yaesu FT-710 Transceiver Remote Operation

Yaesu FT-710 AESS Transceiver Remote Operation

has anybody experience with running the FT-710 fully remote? My QTH does not allow decent power and Antenna installations. So I am considering to use the club station remotely. Specific questions that I have include:

  1. Will Audio be transmitted? (I mainly do SSB)
  2. What software do I need? Is there something on Linux available?
  3. Do digital modes work? (I use WSJTX and FLDIGI)

FT8 settings at the 710 side

 one of my colleagues has received his new toy. Some issues with the CAT has been solved with the "main" update, but FT8 is not working fine.
Using JTDX, he has RX and CAT, testing the PTT forces the 710 to be "busy" but nothing comes out, power output is "0". JTDX audio settings have been reviewed and are OK, so it seems there is a misconfiguration at the radio side.
Can anyone provide the configuration for the 710 if audio is using USB com3 (enhanced port) and "CAT" is using the same port for PTT?
Any help for other configurations for PTT (VOX or RTS) is also fine. Please, detail the radio mode (DATA-U, USB...) to be used.

RTTY with FT-710

Basic question from someone who has not used RTTY since the surplus terminal days in early 70s.

Do I need special hardware, Terminal or interface, to transmit and receive RTTY with the FT-710?  Or is there some software similar to WSJT that will let me do it with the radio and software?

Working FT-8 with FT-710 and WSJT-X was so easy.  Never tried FT-8 before but got WAS confirmed and 60 countries confirmed in four weeks.


YAESU FT-710 Setup FT8 with JTDX

Hi folks, as a recent puchaser of the FT-710, I was eager to get it up and running on FT8....specifically for our VK 6meter Summer Es season.

After some research on this platform, and a bit of fiddling with levels etc. I've managed to successfully configure the rig using JTDX.

For those who are interested, my settings are as attached.

NOTE: the port settings for CAT-1 and CAT-2 will be different for your setups.

Winlink Setup with the Yaesu FT-710 Transceiver

Winlink Setup with the Yaesu FT-710 Transceiver

I can't seem to get Winlink to want to work with the 710.  So far I've only tried Vara HF with it.

About half the time I get an issue where I can see Vara hears the audio for a second or so then kicks off.  To remedy this I have to go to the Sound Control Panel and click on the speaker section, then just click OK and get back out of the screen and then Vara magically starts to hear the audio.

I have never gotten it to transmit anything though.  I've tried different combinations of radio that I've read on here and elsewhere.  Right now in Winlink it's set up as a 991A.  I don't have Winlink in front of me right now to remind what other radios I've chosen.  The 891 was one of them.  I can't remember what else is listed that I've tried.  So far, I've only made things worse.  Once I try to transmit Winlink slows to a crawl, no longer does is do the click click, click click, click click of trying to connect, but it goes click (several seconds pass) click, then doesn't try again for about a minute.  Along with that issue it has never let me adjust the ALC, it's always at zero, and when it does try to transmit the most power I've seen it use is zero watts.  

Yaesu CW audio and DSP settings for low signals

Yaesu Ft-710 CW audio and DSP settings for low signals

 am new to the FT-710 and operate CW . I notice when listening to weak CW signals S2 S3 etc... that there is a high pitch hissing noise as background noise. I tried some settings as CONTOUR on the DSP but the hiss is still there in the background. 

Any suggestions on ways to quiet the hiss ?